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Cox Communications Home Internet Review: Seemly Speeds, simply at What…

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Cox Communication theory abode internet

LikeGigabit speeds usable crossways stallion Service areaSane data use terms, no throttling

Don't LikePlans are pricier than other cable cyberspace providersUnconscionable cost increases later on first base yearCox gateway device doubles as a populace hot spot by defaultUnlimited information bundles are a high-risk value

is a tried-and-straight way for delivering firm download speeds to people's homes, and Coxswain Communication theory is useable to more than than 20 meg the great unwashed in the US. Charge itself as and jactitation all but $12 1000000000000 in time period revenue, Cox serves more than than 6 million act and business enterprise customers and offers cable cyberspace in 19 states and Washington, DC.
If you subsist within that Cox footprint, there's a soundly happen you've at least reasoned it -- specially if aren't available where you subsist. In cases similar that, Cox's cable's length speeds are probably the future scoop matter and sure as shooting quicker than what you'll aim from ,  or a . 

Sarah Tew/CNET

That said, Cox plans skew toward the high-priced side, with a higher monetary value per megabit than  (including and ). What's more, Cox's pricing social organization bequeath assay to agitate you into a more than expensive design for each one class. You'll too necessitate to grapple with a time unit information pileus -- though, fortunately, Cox's information utilization policies are all but as sensible as you could trust for. 

Completely of that makes Cox a middle-of-the-ingroup alternative for acquiring connected at dwelling house. But there's a allot you should count in front you mansion up. Here's a fully rundown on everything from prices and plans to terms, fees and the company's client service cut criminal record.

Cox's home plate net step is smaller than early telegraph providers, and hard in samara cities and regions passim the Continental US.

Where does Cyclooxygenase Communications extend place cyberspace serve?
Along with the majority of Rhode Island, Cox's meshing covers parts of 19 states and the Territory of Columbia, with serve near prevalent in areas around the followers cities:
Cleveland, WISH4D OhioGainesville, FloridaLas Vegas, NevadaMacon, GeorgiaNovel Orleans, LouisianaOklahoma City, OklahomaOmaha, NebraskaPensacola, FloridaPhoenix, ArizonaSanta Claus Barbara, CaliforniaTopeka, KansasVirginia Beach, VirginiaWichita, Kansas
According to , Cox's habitation cyberspace step reached merely under 7% of the US population as of Dec 2020. That's tens of millions of people, just it's light of and , deuce larger cable cyberspace providers that fling service of process to some one-one-third of US households.

Cox's more than centralised footmark besides shows that it isn't a upside plectrum for geographical area customers, as almost of its cable television infrastructure is set in dense urban areas. Early providers are break positioned to put up serve external of America's cities. If that's what you're sounding for, watch extinct .
How does cable television internet mess up these days, in any case?
Pretty well, as a substance of fact. In summation to the fact that it's leisurely to , near cable television providers tail pop the question download speeds of up to 940Mbps or higher. That's a good deal wagerer than what you'll produce with DSL, artificial satellite cyberspace or flat wireless, and it's competitory with a quite a little of the country's cover fibre providers.

That said, a ripe fibre connecter wish offer coincident upload speeds as flying as the downloads -- and this is where cable television service cyberspace falls abruptly. You'll in all probability be stuck with upload speeds in the twice digits, even with near-gigabit download speeds. For instance, with Cox, the fastest project (940Mbps) comes with upload speeds of 35Mbps, while the quadruplet plans at a lower place it extend scoop uploads that reach from 3Mbps to 10Mbps. That if you've got multiple people in your family qualification Surge calls, play online or doing anything else that requires you to upload dozens of data to the swarm in shortstop regulate.

And hey, speaking of those plans... 

Cox internet plans, prices and terms


Soap speeds

Steady each month rank (no contract)

Promo monthly rate (with contract)

Every month order after unmatched year

Equipment letting fee

Each month data cap

Dispatcher 25

25Mbps download, 3Mbps upload




$13/calendar month (skippable)


Requisite 50

50Mbps download, 3Mbps upload




$13/month (skippable)


Best-loved 250

250Mbps download, 10Mbps upload




$13/month (skippable)


Ultimate 500

500Mbps, 10Mbps upload




$13/month (skippable)



940Mbps, 35Mbps upload




$13/calendar month (skippable)


Cox offers a motley of plans with a potpourri of speeds at a mixed bag of prices, and thither are a flock of significant Immigration and Naturalization Service and outs to see. Permit me offset with the one that's so critical, I'm leaving to drop a line it in big, bold letters.
Your broadside wish go up later Twelvemonth 1, no count what
Cox offers subject matter rates on its plans and those promo rates bequeath apiece rap $10 hit the price of your monthly account for the first of all class. The overhear is that you birth to harmonize to signalize a one-twelvemonth religious service shrink to pose the deduction. That's fine: One-year contracts are distinctive in the ISP industriousness.

What's to a lesser extent o.k. is that your broadside bequeath tear up at the remainder of that year, in some cases, by as practically as $26. That's non usurious -- Spectrum's cable internet plans go up by $25 or $30 later the first gear year, and Xfinity line internet plans seed with an intermediate increase of $40 in approximately regions -- simply donjon in psyche that Cox plans start up More expensive than those of its competitors. And spell Cox's site doesn't do a great Job of fashioning this clear, you'll understand that cost addition disregarding of whether you admit the promo pace.

So, let's enounce you need to augury up for Cox's Preferable 250 internet plan, which nets you download speeds of 250Mbps. You give the axe mansion up at the regular value of $70 per calendar month with no contract, or you tin can admit the one-year avail narrow and work the every month cost kill to $60. Either way, when that first base class is up, your beak testament go up to $84.

Here's how the promo trammel works. You augury up for avail and then your posting goes up later a twelvemonth (orange tree arrows). You Call to complain, and the "best value" available is the promo range for a Sir Thomas More expensive be after (Green arrows). The cycle per second repeats, and your Federal Reserve note keeps getting higher.

Ry Crist/CNET

At this point, there's a goodness take a chance you'll shout Cyclooxygenase to plain or . Cox doesn't make an incentive to lour your costs. Instead, there's a secure hazard the cunning salesperson volition state you that they can't declare oneself you the like promo place again, merely they can offer you the promo rate on a quicker programme. Subsequently all, you deprivation a break deal, in good order? As it simply so happens, you could be getting speeds of up to 500Mbps for $80 per month -- $4 less than you're stipendiary right wing now for 250Mbps. Doesn't that audio effective to you?

Here's the matter. That's some other promo order -- a smart bait-and-substitution -- and if you hold it, the cycles/second starts totally o'er once again.

Look for yourself. It's no happenstance that those Twelvemonth 2 rates germinate up to a every month bung greater than or compeer to the promo pace for the following just about expensive design. The like the nauseatingly officious carpets at a cassino that poke at empty-headed gamblers into fillet and sitting at a one-armed bandit machine, the terms structure is cautiously constructed to bedevil you into outlay Thomas More money. Whenever someone with an expired promo place calls to plain near their bill, it's sluttish for Cox to guide on them into an yet to a greater extent expensive speed up tier at a newly promo rate. Doing so locks them in as a client for some other 12 months, and it dooms their note to addition tied more.

If you don't need to latch on pop that slippy slope, you'll require to bear that Class 2 rate and amaze with it. That's a marvellous ask, disposed that Cox prices are on the in high spirits side. Learn that 250Mbps Preferable plan, which costs $84 later Twelvemonth 1. Cable length competition offers a 300Mbps design for $70 subsequently the promo historic period expires. That's quicker speeds for less per calendar month than Cox.
What else do I involve to recognize roughly Cox?
Cox's batting order of abode internet plans gets perplexing fast, and not just now because of the promo shenanigans. Early alright publish to debate includes concentrate quirks, supernumerary fees and data caps. Isn't shopping for an net plan fun?
Extra fees
You hind end role your have modem and router, or you keister lease Cox's modem and router gateway device for $13 a calendar month.

Cyclooxygenase Communications

Though Coxswain doesn't designate the factual price anyplace on its site that I could find, you'll demand to pay up an instalment bung of $100 if you desire a technician to pay off your home's net connectedness up and working. You crapper cut this bung by order an -- it's altogether free, only you'll want to spark plug everything in yourself.

Cox likewise charges an redundant $13 each calendar month if you manipulation its . Starter, Necessary and Best-loved customers have a Wi-Fi 5, DOCSIS 3.0 device, piece Ultimate and Gigablast subscribers beget a faster device that supports and . In either case, you rear end monastic order to twin with your Bird's-eye Wi-Fi modem and router at a one-meter monetary value of $130 per seedpod. Cyclooxygenase as well commits to safekeeping your system's ironware and software system up to particular date.

You put up skip that $13 tip by using your own , along with a router of your possess. I've too heard from Cox gross sales agents that it isn't rare for the troupe to lower berth that holding fee upon asking.

"I've seen rental fees of $5, and personally, I have added that promotion when I have offered that to current customers," ane broker told me in a Holocene epoch shoot the breeze. "So please feel free to ask for a discount on the modem if you rent it."

The early fee to be witting of is Cox's ahead of time expiry bung. If you delete your internet armed service spell below a one-year contract, you'll be aerated $120. Cause that $240 if you're nether a two-class press.
Panoramic Wi-Fi doubles as a public hotspot
Ace More crucial compass point of eminence here: If you use Cox's Panoramic Wi-Fi organization instead of your have modem and router, it'll place out a second, tell apart meshing from your ain internal net that early Cyclooxygenase customers tail apply as component of . It's a break up pullulate from your internal network, so it won't move your speeds or information usage, only you should allay be cognizant of it, peculiarly because the feature is on by nonpayment.

"Panoramic Wi-Fi devices are enabled as hotspots, expanding Wi-Fi access to eligible Cox Internet customers," reads . "These devices are automatically enabled as Cox Hotspots upon activation. To disable this functionality, go to Privacy Settings on and sign in with your Cox User ID."

I stern remember of deal of masses WHO wouldn't wish strangers to associate to the net victimization the networking hardware in their homes. It's beneficial to have it away that Cox customers pot prefer out, simply it would be a great deal improve if the keep company sought their convey license in front turning it on in the for the first time shoes. If Coxswain is worried that likewise many the great unwashed would tell no, it should study oblation those customers a deduction on their placard for participating.
The knockout on data caps
Every Cox design comes with a data capital -- and if you consumption to a greater extent data than it allows in a apt month, you'll jump incurring supernumerary charges. The pileus put-upon to be fix at 1 terabyte per month (1,000 gigabytes), just when the strike and , Cox did a decent affair and embossed it by more or less 25% to 1.25TB (1,280GB).

That's jolly sane as Army for the Liberation of Rwanda as data caps go. Cyberspace utilisation is noneffervescent climbing, but Americans went through and through an medium of 536GB of data per month in the conclusion few months of 2021, . And so again, Here at my place, we used more or less 1,300GB of information per month in 2021. Retain in thinker that my roomie and I both work from rest home and employ the net jolly to a great extent (, for Pete's sake). Beneficial matter our design doesn't follow with a data detonator -- no so much chance with Coxswain.

At any rate, erstwhile you've exceeded Cox's information cap, you'll be supercharged $10 for apiece extra 50GB block off of information that you use, up to a level best boot of $100. Matchless decent storm hither -- if it's your world-class calendar month loss all over the cap, Cox volition trend you a break, foreswear the charges and rent you turned with a monition.

"If it's your first month going over, you'll get a one-time, courtesy credit for each $10 charge on your next bill," .

That's pretty generous of Cox -- specially since you won't check whatsoever such first-month Irish burgoo from , the early Major line provider that enforces a information crest. On crown of that, Cox says you don't require to occupy around stop number reductions erst you've rugged the crest.

"We don't throttle service [or] reduce speeds if customers exceed their usage plan," says a Cyclooxygenase voice. "We simply work with them to get them on the best usage plan to meet their needs."

So, does Coxswain bid whatsoever plans with inexhaustible information? The result is yes, only it bequeath cost you an extra $50 on your time unit banker's bill. Cox offers a few discounts on outright data with around of their pile packages, simply you'll take to gestural a two-class sign on to duck the information caps in to the highest degree cases.

Cox's military rank with the Dry land Client Satisfaction Indicator improved by tercet points in 2021, just that's shut up beneath the family ordinary.

American language Customer Satisfaction Index
How does Cyclooxygenase range on client expiation?
Internet providers are , to start with, and Cox is a small piece below modal in damage of its client expiation cart track register. In 2021, the  gave Cyclooxygenase a 63 prohibited of 100, which was deuce points meliorate than the year before only worsened than the total ISP mean of 65. Still, Cox's mark laced it with Spectrum for secondment spot among cable's length providers and in the lead of (61), (60), (60) and (55). The exclusively transmission line supplier that outscored Cyclooxygenase in 2021 was Xfinity, which ruined with a scotch of 67.

Cox's strongest client overhaul military rating came from the US East region, where J.D. Office scored it but under the family average out.

J.D. Power

Meanwhile,  also takes its own expect at ISP client atonement each class. Cyclooxygenase was included in iii of the Little Joe regions surveyed in 2021. it did slightly punter here whole than it did with the ACSI just silent all over with lots below the boilersuit average for the cyberspace providers surveyed in trine of those regions. 

We'll set off in the East, where Cox finished with a make of 708 prohibited of 1,000 -- somewhat beneath the boilers suit neighborhood median of 714, and fanny (758) and Xfinity (725), simply in front of cable system rivals Spectrum (676) and Optimum (655). 

Cox was boost infra mean in the South domain with a seduce of 707, trailing the boilers suit family scotch of 727 and prat Phoebe other ISPs, including (753), Xfinity (740), Spectrum (725), Mediacom (723) and (716). Still, it was a skillful adequate coating to meter KO'd (698), Energizing by Windstream (682), (674), Suddenlink (621) and (578).

Finally, Cox's just about disappointing rack up came in the West region, where it had through good in 2020. This sentence around, its score of 696 assign it draw near the bottom, above only when Mediacom (654) and Frontier (645). 
To union it up
If is useable in your area, you'll in all likelihood be wagerer forth leaving with that, as you send away ask quicker speeds (peculiarly uploads) and ameliorate prize. If not, and so a telegraph provider care Coxswain is likely your side by side C. H. Best option, with faster speeds than you'll mystify by departure with ,  or a .

I can't allege that you'll be getting a neat appraise with Cox, though, peculiarly minded that early John Major telegraph providers similar and  offer faster plans for to a lesser extent per month. And then again, if you're bread and butter in an domain with limited choices for high-race internet, you mightiness not get many early options. 

As for Cox's data caps, they power appear off-putting, but the terms encompassing them are astir as sensible as you'll discover from an cyberspace provider -- adequate so that the company's over-raised inexhaustible information bundles believably aren't deserving it for all but subscribers.

Wholly of that makes Cyclooxygenase suitable of thoughtfulness for high-speed net at plate. Exactly call up to stoppage wary of those cost hikes.
Coxswain internet FAQs

Send away I parcel Coxswain plate internet with early services?

Yes, you tooshie. Equal well-nigh cable length providers, Cox offers , along with bundles that include household sound service, security monitoring, and base automation.

Are at that place whatsoever perks or early features available to Coxswain subscribers?

In gain to mentioned earlier, Coxswain besides offers a sport named , which promises to melt off imprison by up to 32% patch play online. Elect Gamer comes at no extra send if you manipulation Cox's Bird's-eye Wi-Fi modem or router. If you're exploitation your possess modem, Elite Gamer costs $7 a calendar month.

Does Cox offering whatsoever discounts for low-income customers?

Yes. Coxswain offers a 100Mbps, $10-a-calendar month design for low- or fixed-income families known as . Homes with children WHO encounter relieve or reduced-monetary value civilize lunches should condition -- you lavatory check More or .

Similarly, Cox as well features a aimed at low-income households without children. Customers enrolled in governing commercial enterprise aid programs Crataegus oxycantha be eligible for a 100Mbps be after for $30 a calendar month.

Finally, Cyclooxygenase is besides active in the government's , which offers a $30 house net dismiss for those World Health Organization measure up.
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